Exhibition: “Photogenic Science” in Taiwan

10/05/2017 Tana Dluhosova Events, News, Taiwan

The exhibition aims to prove that science is a journey to knowledge and broad understanding. At the same time, it wishes to show science as photogenic beauty that can attract people by its achievements and its ways of attaining them. Our aim is to highlight artistic and aesthetic dimensions of science as a special by-product of research.

The initial idea to organize a photo competition came from Science Lives! Forum. The main objective of the project was to involve all the scholars of all the institutes of the AS CR and encourage them to send in their photos. The selected pictures were exhibited during the Week of Science and Technology CAS 2014. Besides, a jury of arbiters selected the photos to be published in the 2015 calendar of the CAS, which can in this way present Czech science to the partners of the CAS.

National Central Library

May 19, 2017–July 16, 2017

Main Organizers:
Czech Academy of Science
National Central Library, Taiwan

Oriental Institute, CAS