Talk: Uyghur Discourse of Nation and National Interest

26/12/2015 Tana Dluhosova Events, News, Taiwan


The talk explores the emergence of national consciousness and nationalist ideology of Uyghurs in Xinjiang from c. 1900-1949. Drawing from texts written by modern Uyghur intellectuals, politicians and propagandists throughout this period, the talk identifies diverse types of Uyghur discourse on the nation and national interest, and traces the emergence and construction of modern Uyghur national identity. It also demonstrates that the modern Uyghur intelligentsia regarded political emancipation and social modernization as the two most important interests of their nation, and that they envisaged Uyghurs as citizens of a modern republican state founded on the principles of representative government. The book thus presents a new perspective on Uyghur intellectual history and on Republican Xinjiang.

Ondřej Klimeš (Oriental Institute, Czech Acemy of Sciences)

Prof. Lan Mei-hua (Department of Ethnology, Taiwan National Chengchi University)


December 26, 2015
Department of Ethnology, Taiwan National Chengchi University